MasterPeace, the award-winning peace movement, celebrated the International Day of Peace with 55 events in 45 countries, including many in conflict areas. At the heart of MasterPeace Celebrations, a mesmerizing concert taking place in Amsterdam bringing top artists from conflict areas performing on one stage. From Moscow to Los Angeles, from Mexico City via Istanbul to Kabul, MasterPeace stages all over the world offered local artists an opportunity to bridge divides and bring thousands of people together to mark a historic celebration of peace. In a world first, the Unifying Concert at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam featured artists from countries currently engaged in armed conflict. By boldly appearing on one stage, these artists showcased what connects them: diversity, dialogue, and, the MasterPeace motto, “Music above fighting.”

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Artist Quotes ©Michel Porro Photographed at Ziggo Dome on 21.9.2014 in Amsterdam.
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